Mid-Year Event with Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones

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Mid-Year Event with Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones

August 1, 2017

Dear Foundation Members and friends of the Foundation,


            On 07/15/17 the Foundation hosted a dinner honoring Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones.  The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed; the conversation was fun, funny, intellectually honest, and serious, as Dave explained the challenges facing our State and our Nation.  Dave’s grasp of the the issues is deep and firm; a fact that he has shown in the years that he has led the California Department of Insurance into its prominence as one of the greatest consumer protection agencies in the U.S.  He has faced down Donald Trump; he has faced down insurance fraud; and, he has stood up for California and Californians at every step.  He is a brilliant attorney; he has strength of steel; and, he is extremely caring and compassionate.


            The Foundation was proud to honor the great Dave Jones.


            There are pictures of the event at http://dfoc.com/mid-year-event-with-dave-jones/ .  Scroll down after you get to the linked page.  You’ll see a slide show.  For reasons only know to the masters of the internet, the slide show doesn’t start at the beginning; so, when a sign comes up saying that the show is over, don’t believe it and let the show continue until you see the first slide that came up when the show started.

            Thank you; and thank you Dave Jones, for being one of our State’s and our Nation’s greatest leaders.


Dan Jacobson



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