August 8th Luncheon with Guest Speaker Mike Levin

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August 8th Luncheon with Guest Speaker Mike Levin

August 25, 2017

Dear Fellow-Foundation Members and Friends of the Foundation,


            Mike Levin gave a strong and well-received speech at the Foundation’s 08/08/17 luncheon.  Mike is a candidate for the 49th Congressional District’s seat in the House of Representatives.  He is an environmental lawyer who has long been involved with Orange County politics. In fact, Mike used to be the County Party’s Executive Director. 


Not only was Mike’s speech strong and well-received, it was also extremely informative and chock-full of deep policy knowledge.  All of that was well-delivered, both during the speech and during answer and question period that followed. Mike knows his stuff!  The Foundation was happy to host a luncheon for this smart man, who gave an excellent presentation


Here are pictures of the event .  (If the “little hand” doesn’t appear as you hover your cursor, press “control,” the hand will appear.  Scroll down when you reach our page.)


            Thank you.





Dan Jacobson


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