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"Our Members meet and interact with the most prominent Democratic Leaders of the day."


August 2, 2017

Dear Democrats and Friends of Democrats,               In 2006 Phil Angelides and Steve Westly ran against each other in the Democratic Gubernatorial primary.  That same year Famed Actor and Civic Activist Warren Beatty gave a speech warning Phil and Steve against “going negative”, against each other.  Mr. Beatty explained…

Mid-Year Event with Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones

August 1, 2017

Dear Foundation Members and friends of the Foundation,               On 07/15/17 the Foundation hosted a dinner honoring Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones.  The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed; the conversation was fun, funny, intellectually honest, and serious, as Dave explained the challenges facing our State and our Nation.  Dave’s grasp…

August 8 Luncheon With Guest Speaker Mike Levin

July 29, 2017

You’re invited! A Luncheon Featuring Guest Speaker – Mike Levin Candidate for the 49th Congressional District     The Democratic Foundation of Orange County invites you to a luncheon featuring guest speaker Mike Levin. For years, Mike has been working for progressive values. He wishes to continue this work as…

June 2017 Luncheon Honoring Colonel Douglas Applegate

July 19, 2017

Dear Fellow-Foundation Members and Friends of the Foundation, On 06/14/17 the Foundation held a luncheon honoring Marine Colonel Douglas Applegate (ret.) In 2018 Doug is making his second run against Republican Darrel Issa for the 49th Congressional District’s seat in the House of Representatives. Last time Doug barely lost, by…

The Foundation Honors Senator Josh Newman

June 10, 2017

Dear Fellow Foundation Members,               On 05/05/17 the Foundation held a luncheon for Senator Josh Newman.  We apologize for the tardy delivery of the photos of that luncheon; I only received them recently.                                …

An Intimate Dinner with Insurance Commissioner – Dave Jones

June 9, 2017

You’re Invited to an Intimate Dinner with  Insurance Commissioner – Dave Jones   You are cordially invited to attend the Democratic Foundation of Orange County’s mid-year event – an intimate dinner with Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. Join us on Saturday, July 15th at 5:00 PM at the Irvine Hilton for…

June 14 Luncheon Honoring Doug Applegate

May 30, 2017

You’re Cordially Invited! Join Us to Honor – Doug Applegate Candidate for the 49th Congressional District The Democratic Foundation of Orange County is excited to Honor Doug Applegate’s years of service. A retired Marine Colonel and experienced trial attorney, Doug Applegate has worked tirelessly for the American people. During the…

The Foundation Honors Congressman Lou Correa

May 10, 2017

Dear Foundation Members,               On 04/21/17 the Foundation held a luncheon in honor of one of our fellow Foundation members – Congressman Lou Correa.  Lou didn’t only speak at the his lunch – he spoke with a passion that filled and inspired the room.  Lou logically, strongly, and powerfully railed…

May 5th Luncheon Honoring Senator Josh Newman

April 26, 2017

**You Are Cordially Invited!** A Luncheon in honor of The Honorable Josh Newman Senator Representing California’s 29th Senate District The Democratic Foundation of Orange County could not be more proud to honor fellow member and newly elected Senator Josh Newman on May 5th, 2017. As Senator, Josh represents the 29th…

April 21st Luncheon Honoring Congressman Lou Correa

April 11, 2017

The Democratic Foundation of Orange County invites you to a luncheon honoring Congressman Lou Correa of California’s 46th Congressional District. Lou has only been in office for a few months, but he has already started making waves in Washington D.C. as a strong advocate for the concerns of his constituents…