In the 1990s, the Republican registration advantage in Orange County was over 20 percentage points.  Today, Democratic registration outnumbers Republicans!

The Democratic Foundation was founded in 1983 by Howard Adler, Dick O’Neill, Michael Ray, Bernard Schneider and David Stein.  Today, the DFOC is comprised of a broad coalition of professional, business, labor, environmental, civil rights and political leaders who are dedicated to developing the financial resources to support an effective Democratic presence in Orange County, and thus a more fair, diverse and just society.


Over the last 40 years, the Foundation has played a vital role in changing the political landscape of Orange County.  The Foundation has contributed to turning a dominant red county into a new Orange County, where Democratic registration outnumbers Republicans, and the number keep going our way.   For decades,  the Democratic Foundation of Orange County and its Members have led the way!


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