The Democratic Foundation of Orange County is dedicated to developing and using financial resources to elect Democrats in Orange County.

Founded in 1983 by Howard Adler, Dick O’Neill, Michael Ray, Bernard Schneider and David Stein, the DFOC is comprised of a broad coalition of professional, business, labor, environmental, civil rights and political leaders who are dedicated to developing the financial resources to support an effective Democratic presence in Orange County.

The Foundation has played a vital role in electing Loretta Sanchez, Linda Sanchez, and Alan Lowenthal to the U.S. House of Representatives; Tom Daley and Sharon Quirk-Silva to the California State Assembly; Lou Correa to the California State Senate; and in electing numerous other Democrats to Office. In 2010 all statewide offices, except for one were up for election.  Every one of those offices was won by a Democrat – and every one of those Democrats (except for the Attorney General, who was in an outlier race), received more than 100,000 more votes from Orange County than from San Francisco.

The Democratic Foundation of Orange County, and its Members are leading the way!

In the 1990s the Republican registration advantage in Orange County was over 20 percentage points – we’ve cut that to eight points!  With the Foundation’s substantial investment in Irvine, by the end of 2016 we’ll have doubled the number of Orange County cities that are Democratic since 2009.  The Foundation has turned red Orange County into a purple county, and we’re on-track to making it a blue county.  We now have strong Democratic cities in all parts of the County; North County, West County, Central County, and by the end of 2016 Irvine will join Laguna Beach as a Democratic stronghold.  And, in the heart of Little Saigon – Garden Grove is now Democratic.

President Obama came within a couple of percentage points of taking Orange County. The Democratic Foundation of Orange County, and its Members, are leading the charge for the change to making our County more Democratic, and thus more fair and just.

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