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Foundation Chair Chastises Register for not Covering Sec. Clinton O.C. Visit


The below op-ed piece ran in the Orange County Register:

Letters: ‘Journalistic malpractice’ for Clinton visit

Instead, the Register chose to mention it in a tiny article about traffic not being affected by the visit [“Traffic rolls along amid Obama, Clinton visits,” Local, June 19].

In an emailed response to my questions about why there was no news story about Ms. Clinton’s visit, a Register reporter responded that they “did not cover the Newport Beach fundraiser event because it was a private event.” That is a puzzling response, given that journalism’s history is populated with coverage of private events. Watergate, the Camp David Accords negotiations, the Weather Undergrounds’ 1960’s private plans to bomb public buildings, the Pentagon Papers; all private events deserving of public attention.

A visit by the probable next president of the United States deserves coverage by our local newspaper. What happened at the event? Was it well-attended? Was it protested?

If the event was private, the Register should have simply done what reporters do all the time: Report. Make phone calls, take pictures of the candidate entering the building and take pictures of any protesters – figure it out and report.

When I first noticed that the Register failed to report on Ms. Clinton’s visit, I telephoned the Register’s chief political reporter, whose coverage I’ve always found to be unbiased. His voice mail said he was out of the office until nearly the end of June.

If the absence of the Register’s chief political reporter was the reason for not covering the event, it was a reason without sound foundation. Have someone else do the reporting – but do the reporting.

The Register’s explanation for not covering Ms. Clinton’s visit – that the reception was “private” – sounds a false pretext in light of journalism’s honorable history of reporting on private events that deserve public coverage.

The Register’s failure to cover the Orange County visit of the leading candidate to be the next president of the United States was wrong.

It was a disservice to Orange County, and, frankly, it was journalistic malpractice.

Dan Jacobson


Chair, Democratic Foundation of Orange County

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A Luncheon Honoring Sue Savary


Savary HeadshotA few days ago (06/04/15) the Foundation held a luncheon that honored Sue Savary, Democratic Candidate for California’s 48th Congressional District and a proud Member of the Foundation.  Dr. Savary’s talk displayed her intelligence, her poise, and her deep knowledge of the issues facing her District, the County, the State, and the Nation.  We were pleased to honor “Dr. Sue”, and we are proud that she is a fellow Member of the Foundation.  Hands-on business leader, community leader, academic, and now – the woman to take out Dana Rohrabacher – our Dr. Sue Savary.

Here are pictures of the event.  Dr. Sue Savary lunch. You can also view the pictures under the Gallery tab at the top of the site.

Dr. Suzanne Joyce Savary is a retired Associate Professor of Management Communication at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California and has been CEO of her own Management Consulting Firm, specializing in turnarounds for companies paralyzed by resistance to change. Sue is the founding President of the Newport Beach Women’s Democratic Club, was selected by the City Council to be one of seven members of the 2012 Newport Beach Charter Commission, and organized the OC Women’s Coalition to protect women’s reproductive rights from threat by the merger of Hoag and St. Josephs Hospitals. Sue has long served the community on numerous non-profit boards and organizations.

As a business owner and grandmother, Sue considers herself both business-friendly AND family-friendly. Sue believes that our 48th District deserves a leader who will work with others to solve problems and generate solutions, rather than choosing win-lose obstructionism. She pledges to work tirelessly to: revive the middle class, champion women and families, ensure quality education for all, and bring responsible leadership back to DC and the OC.

Sue and her Team are analyzing the 2014 race and identifying its lessons for a 2016 run.



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