"Our Members meet and interact with the most prominent Democratic Leaders of the day."
Dear Foundation Members, On 04/21/17 the Foundation held a luncheon in honor of one of our fellow Foundation members – Congressman Lou Correa.  Lou didn’t only speak at the his lunch – he spoke with a passion that filled and inspired the room.  Lou logically, strongly, and powerfully railed against Donald Trump’s actions; and with just as much logic, strength, and power, he rallied for Democracy, decency, and freedom.  Our Ship of State has run smack into a horrific storm.  It’s all hands on deck; and we’re all here, on deck.  Fortunately we have Lou at the helm, guiding us through, with his logic, strength, and power.  Thank you Lou; thank you. Here are pictures of the event.  http://dfoc.com/april-2017-the-honorable-lou-correa/nggallery/slideshow.  (If the “little hand” doesn’t come up, press control; the little hand will appear.  When you reach the webpage, scroll down.) Dan Jacobson Chair