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Dear Fellow-Foundation Members and Friends of the Foundation, On 06/14/17 the Foundation held a luncheon honoring Marine Colonel Douglas Applegate (ret.) In 2018 Doug is making his second run against Republican Darrel Issa for the 49th Congressional District’s seat in the House of Representatives. Last time Doug barely lost, by just about 0.6 points, about 1,600 votes. Doug’s luncheon speech was strong, caring, and extremely insightful. It bears noting that the 49th District is a majority Republican District; but, Doug said – that more than a Republican District, 49th is a Marine District, both active and retired. Doug gave a fair amount of credit to his very close loss to his having been a Marine.
Doug says that there are not only too few veterans in Congress; there are too few combat veterans in Congress. This attorney, who served in the infantry, wants to serve us in the House. We were proud to honor him. Here are pictures of the event. http://dfoc.com/june-2017-doug-applegate/. (If the “little hand” doesn’t appear as you hover your cursor, press “control,” the hand will appear. Scroll down when you reach our page.) Thank you. Dan Dan Jacobson Chair