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"Our Members meet and interact with the most prominent Democratic Leaders of the day."

Mid YearDear Members and Friends of the Democratic Foundation of Orange County,


On 07/08/16 the Foundation held a beautiful, substantive, and extremely enjoyable luncheon, honoring Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon.  This was our “mid-year event”; and, as with all such events we all sat at one long table.  Thus, the guests really did have lunch with the Speaker.  It wasn’t a banquet where the Speaker may have sat at Table 2 and a guest may have sat at Table 30; it was a lunch with the Speaker.  The Disneyland Resort a proud Foundation Member, was kind enough to host the lunch in the private dining room of world-famous Napa Rose, located in the California Grand Hotel and Spa.


Everyone who attended had a fantastic time; and, Anthony demonstrated why he is the Speaker.  His breadth of policy issues was as wide as was his depth of understanding of those issue.  At the risk of overusing a word, the Foundation was truly honored to honor such a great Democratic Leader.


For those of you who attended, I’ll be sending personal letters of thanks to you, along with a picture of the event.  That should happen shortly.  In the meantime, here’s a link to all of the pictures of the event. Special Mid-Year Luncheon – Special Guest – CA Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon  (If the “little hand” doesn’t appear as you hover your cursor, press control and left click at the same time.)


Thank you to all who attended; and, thank you to the brilliant Speaker Anthony Rendon.


Dan Jacobson